How old is Baby Dhiren today?

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Taste

Dhiren had his first taste of Peanut butter and Chocolate and he is loving it! No surprise, since Mummy is a fan herself. The good thing is, he's not allergy to nuts but the bad thing is, he has a sweet tooth just like Mummy.

No fuss, just go straight into the mouth

Don't let this look deceived you. Even though he looks like (according to Daddy) people owe him money, but he loves the yummy peanut butter & chocolate.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cried Laughed Cried

I was deeply sadden today by my loss.
No, thank God is not a person or a living creature, is an item that I loved.
An item that I will never ever see again.
It cannot be replaced, priceless and filled with alot of memories.
I just stared at the nothingness and cried, said good bye.

I felt better now.
Looking at Dhiren squeezing 5 cheerios in his mouth makes me laughed so hard.
Baby cheering Mummy up :)
I was watching the movie, Enchanted.
It made me laugh so much until I cried, with happy tears
Fairytales really brings happily ever after... after all.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Indian Sweets

I, being a Malaysian, love love love Indian food! The banana leaf rice (The best one is Nirvana Maju), the roti, the thosai, fish curry.....yum yum yum. That is why I married my Bollywood Hubby. HA ha ha :)

But there is still this one thing that I can't bring myself to take (I bring shame to all the Chinese...we're suppose to eat anything and everything).......that is Indian Dessert! It is so so sweet. Words can't describe how sweet it is. All you can taste is the milk and the sweetness. So I told my Hubby, "Go ahead feed me anything but dessert," his mouth almost drop. "What? You with your sweet tooth are refusing dessert?"

Recently, whether is hormonal changes (after having baby lah) or Hubby finally bought the best sweets in town, from Saravanaa Bhavan Restaurant in Bangsar. It was fantastic.

They are a chain restaurant from India which also serve authentic vegetarian food. And their staff are also hired from India. My Hubby actually recognized one of them who served him back in India!

I love the one with icing coating on the lower left side, which Hubby don't know the name. It reminded me of a really yummy icing donut but harder. Laddu, the popular one comes in a whole lots of different flavors depending on the ingredients. Mysore Pak is originated from Karnataka (my Hubby's state). It is made of generous amounts of ghee, chickpea flour, suger and it was first created in the kitchen of the Mysore Palace by the royal cook. Jahangiri/ Jaangiri is a variant of jalebi, this sweet is fried and served with generous amount of sugar syrup, very popular at weddings and festivals.

And also thanks to Edward, I get to try the equally best sweets from Sangeetha.

Sangeetha is located at Lebuh Ampang, KL. Tel 03-20323333

My favourite is Sompapddi/ Sohanpapdi. It is square in shape, and has a crispy and flaky texture, melts in the mouth. It's made from sugar, gram flour, milk, ghee and cardamom. Absolutely delicious.

So, before you run out and get a box of this yummy sweets, be warned that the sugar content might cause a 'sugar-high' effect and it is definately not for anyone who suffer from any form of diabetes. For me, I will only indulge inthis once a year.....mmmh, can't wait for the next Deepavali.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A year ago

Son, you grew so much in a year time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a crazy week

It all started from the day before Deepavali, we attended my Cousin's Wedding. It's nice to chitchat and have a family reunion, cause I hardly see any of my relatives. But during these kinds of occasions you will tend to have a relative who will be all too eager to show of their grandchild's skills. The conversation went like this,

Relative: Can Dhiren walk yet?
Me: A bit lor. Still needs a bit of support.
R: Wah! My granddaughter younger than him 1 week can run around already.
M: Wah so clever, good lah.
R: See see...she can do twinkle twinkle little star, she also can give kisses and she is very easy to feed, eat almost anything.....can your boy do this ah?........that ah?.....
(It goes on and on. So I quickly went back to my table. But then she came to our table and show all her skills again to my Hubby)

OMG. I never knew the world is so competitive even for a 1 year old. I wonder when I was small did my parents go through this as well. But to my Hubby and my surprise, Baby Dhiren started walking by himself the next day, on Deepavali...Must be the festival of light, the triumph of good over evil (not that I said that my relative is evil). Eh okay lah the good triumph over the kiasu.

He been walking up and down ever since

Okay back to the Crazy week. After the wedding, was Deepavali, didn't do much only have my parents and my sis over for lunch, ate some murukku and very nice indian sweets (will blog about this next). Then the following day, Hubby and I left for Cameron Highlands for a well deserved break. There for 4 days (will blog about this too later), it was so so nice and relaxing. Then came back on Friday, rested for a day and come Sunday, the Sun Motorhunt day. I signed up for my first treasure hunt. It was so exciting, tiring and so fast paced that I don't even have time to breath. It was an eye-opening for me and will blog about that also.
So for just a short period of 7 days, there's so many things happened. so I'm taking my time to recover from all this and will blog about it soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Even Munchy?

Not my favourite cheese cream biscuit too!!!! Luckily Baby Dhiren didn't like it that much.

On 18th Oct., The Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety announced that two samples of Munchy's mini crackers contained excessive melamine and the trade has been asked to stop selling them. The 2 products Munchy's Mini Crackers with Peanut Butter and Munchy's Mini Crackers with Cheese Cream. Both were 45g packs with an expiry date of July 15, 2009. The melamine levels in the samples were 5.4ppm and 3.8ppm. The legal limit for melamine in the concerned products is 2.5ppm.

Quoted from Bernama and The Star online on Monday 20th Oct,

"...Munchy Food Industries chief executive officer C.K. Tan said none of its products contain any dairy-based ingredients from China except from Australia and France. As a reputable 18 year-old homegrown manufacturer of confectionaries with a strong international brand presence, we have consistently view consumer food safety as a top priority. We will continue to uphold this without any compromise," he said. He claimed that independent certification agencies, namely Chemical Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd and Pacific Lab Services of Zargo (Singapore) had certified its products as safe.

Do you think that the American products will be safer with the stringent FDA guidelines? Dhiren favourite is Cheerios from US. He munches ALOT of that.